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Night Shadows
The next story in my trip through Night Shadows: Queer Horror was a reminder of just how varied horror could be. To begin with Lee Thomas and to move to Carsen Taite was a wonderful way to tip the reader off to this reality.

In "The Zealous Advocate" we meet the sort of lawyer we know has to exist (and secretly all find appalling). She is the one who takes the defense of the serial killers. And, quite frankly, she's good at her job - which means serial killers get off.

The speed at which this becomes something distasteful to something horrific is whiplash-inducing, and the fallout of what is going on has a sick sort of feeling to it because this is horror that you have no trouble imagining happening in the real world.

Which is freaking scary.

Of all the fictional monsters that go bump in the night, it's the real monsters that are truly the ones to worry about, and Carsen Taite brings a very realistic and horrible psyche to the table for you to peruse.
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